Illustration: Sandrine Anne
Art Direction: Cristián Toro
Client: Revista Endémico

Year: 2022
Endémico Magazine Cover and Illustrations
Cover, endpaper and article illustrations for the 9th edition of Revista Endemico, called "Parallel Worlds", a project that mixes science, environment and art.

 "This new issue brings together the varied voices of scientists, artists, thinkers and communicators who show us alterities and apparently distant worlds. Among its pages you will find a profile of the prominent biologist and neuroscientist Humberto Maturana, columns by Basilio Solís, astronomer Lickanantay, also by academic Pablo Chiuminatto, on the role of videogames in the environmental crisis and the interviews with Nicole L'Huillier, who recounts her work with sound space and more-than-human performativities; and the neuroscientist Cristopher Timmermann, who performs therapies with DMT and tells us about his research with this psychoactive substance present in plants such as San Pedro and psylocybe mushrooms." Available at

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